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Dec 24, 2012


This weekend gonna be a long.. long.. long weekend for me.. Why?.. Bcoz my uncle from Perak and his family coming over and stay in my house for 2 nights already.. Aiyo.. My weekend has end just like that.. Huhu..

A billion thought running to my mind, am i bad person? Why cant im feel happy having them in my house. I felt awkward especially toward my uncle. My breath caught in my throat as i attemp to start a conversation with. . Duh.. I know.. Im feel so bad for having this kind of 'feeling' toward him and his family.. I swear.

They gonna back to Perak tomorrow.. Haish.. Guess whay.. I confirm im gonna felt regret for treating them like they were not my family. Hello.. He's my father's brother but why i never feels that.??? Im the worse nephew in this world... I know..

I just hate this feeling.. Urghh..
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