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Feb 16, 2014


Having the most fabulous day out with my colleuges at Seremban 2 yesterday

When i got to the restaurant, i was like.. are you sure theyre serving halal food?.. the restaurant really looks so much like a typical chinese restaurant i always seen... let alone the carlsberg boxes inside the restaurant. i felt doubt inside, but since my coleugue said it is halal so i just tawakal aje lah. =,=

To be honest, I dont really fancy any steamboat kind of food before. One of the reason is because we have too cook the food first before we could eat them which i found it soooo leceh. In other word, i am malas lah.. hiks
Unless u have it with your friend who is rajin, then it would be perfectly okey.. hihi

In my case, luckily i have my brighful friend's dayana with me. She grilled corn, lamb an chicken for me. Yeahhh, i was eating happily yesterday

I really love my team!

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Feb 14, 2014

Friday yey

Yeyyy.. finally its Friday!

Do you know how much i love u Mr Friday?

This much >>>>♥Approximately Earth's Diameter♥<<<<<
Haha.. too much huh?

But sometimes, i kind of freak out a bit to see how time flies so fast nowadays
Its already at the middle of Feb now..



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Feb 10, 2014

Monday Blues

There gonna be another Monday blues to me


I hate it so much when you feel drowsy but the truth is you slept like a rock at night.

Its utterly annoying!

Im actually waiting for a call but hey, look at the time now, its already 16.30 pm, looks like Im not going to receive any today


To make it worse, it is sunny day. I feels like burning out inside.

Its me today wearing grey outfit with hot sun at the back.

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Feb 9, 2014

Ariana Rose

Have you guys ever watched Ariana Rose? Im pretty sure some of girls out there must be a big fan of this drama, am i right? So am I. Fyi, I never missed any episode of this drama as of yet. Yey me.. :)

For me, this drama is one of the best I ever watched so far. I love the main female character, led by Nur Fathia. She's so pretty and her acting is outstanding. She played her role very well. When she need to cry, she cried like its real. When she need to scream, she scream like a crazy. Haha.. She really good.

I love the main male character too, acted by Keith Foo. He's actually a Chindian (mix of chinese and indian) but people always mistook him as Malay. I do also agree that he looks so much like a 'handsome' Malay guy. His acting also as good as Nur Fathia, especially when he's crying on his solemnization day with Ariana Rose. Omg!!! Im so touch.

Enough said, I love this drama so much. Cant wait to watch the last episode. I really want to know how this drama going to be end. Will there be happy ending? :)

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Again, still about me and my journey looking for new job
Boring is'nt it??
What to do... this is the only things that linger in my head and things that i want to blog about for now

A few past days, i was busy thinking on how im going to go through my days in Hsbc as my manager already know about my application at other company.
Will he treat me like normally he did?
Or is he going to hate?
Or may be by all of sudden he being nice to me in the team.. hehe.. berangan!
I dont know... so far so good.
He never ask me anything about this.

Actually we are not really close
I hardly talk to him even about work matter
So it might be awkward if by of sudden he being 'nice' to me
So utterly weirds!!
Even the fact that he add me in facebook made me felt awkward enough
Nothing to hide, therefore i just approved his request
I know, I have to be extra careful with my activity in facebook after this

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Jom kurus

Sekarang ni i tengah gila nak tengok reality series called i used to be fat
Best sangat.. sangat memberi sumber inspirasi untuk i kuruskan badan bam bam i ni
Cume all the contestants are still young
Not a kakak2 like me
They just finish their high school and decide to change their appearance before they get into college

I think i can relates their situation with my situation
They going to college and im going to new workplace
So same thing right??
Same goes with my case, i want to look good in my new workplace
So thats it

Definitely , if ive got the job lah.. :)
So kite ready awal2 even tak tahu lagi

Besides this series, i suka jugak tengok Extreme Makeover
This series lagi dasyat
The period given to trainees to lose their weight much longer from I Used to be Fat
1 year kot.. so confirm kurus lah
Dalam IUTBF about 2 to 3 month je
And its only on their summer holiday je
So by the time they get into college, they already lose about 60 pounds from the original weight
Thats alot

Ok... jom kuruskan badab



Lama dah rase tak updet belog aku ni elok2 kan
Malas tu dah memang satu hal lah
Idea nak menulis tu yang tak ada sebenarnya
Siksa k nak menunggu idea tu datang
Menulis tanpa idea maka entry macam naharom akan terhasil
Maaf lah ye


Sebenarnye hari ni aku nak bagitahu yang aku dah hantar resume...

Atlast.... aku hantar jugak
Setelah bertahun2 aku asyik bertangguh nak cari kerja baru
Membebel kat belog cakap nak cari kerja baru kan
Tapi kerja jugak kat situ lagi
Rasa ringan beban sebelah bahu lepas dah hantar
Tu baru hantar resume je.. belum dapat interview call lagi
Kalau dah dapat tak tahu lah excited tahap camne dowh

So aku hantar resume tu ke mane?
Ha... persoalan tu aku terpaksa rahsia kan buat sementara
Dah confirm dapat nanti baru aku akan war war kan
Bukan apa... tak nak overconfident sangat
Takut tak dapat nanti buat malu jerrr

Tapi manager aku dah tahu yang aku ade apply kerja kat tempat lain
Tetibe ko kat facebook dapat friend request
Ohemji sangat ni uolls
Aku dah macam..... kenapa lah ko add aku dowh?
Apa motif ko?
Why now?
Macam tetibe sangat lepas kau dapat tahu aku apply keje kat tempat lain ko add aku kat fb
Rase macam orang penting pulak.. ngeh ngeh ngeh
Haha... tak pasal aku terperasan dah ni

Feb 8, 2014

Jatuh dan Malu

What a day!!

Hari ni aku jatuh kat kenduri kahwin sedare (or may be sedara to my sedara)

Nasib baik lah tak ramai orang yang nampak tau
Kalau ade pon orang yang aku tak kenal
Kalau sedara mara jugak ke
Sure aku malu gile tahap nak meninggal

Malu satu hal
Sakit kottt...
Walau pon tak tengok lagi luka tu
Tapi aku rasa lutut aku rabak kott

So pas balik rumah cek lutut


It is a bad gash i think!
Wa... sakitttttt wooo...

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