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Feb 9, 2014

Ariana Rose

Have you guys ever watched Ariana Rose? Im pretty sure some of girls out there must be a big fan of this drama, am i right? So am I. Fyi, I never missed any episode of this drama as of yet. Yey me.. :)

For me, this drama is one of the best I ever watched so far. I love the main female character, led by Nur Fathia. She's so pretty and her acting is outstanding. She played her role very well. When she need to cry, she cried like its real. When she need to scream, she scream like a crazy. Haha.. She really good.

I love the main male character too, acted by Keith Foo. He's actually a Chindian (mix of chinese and indian) but people always mistook him as Malay. I do also agree that he looks so much like a 'handsome' Malay guy. His acting also as good as Nur Fathia, especially when he's crying on his solemnization day with Ariana Rose. Omg!!! Im so touch.

Enough said, I love this drama so much. Cant wait to watch the last episode. I really want to know how this drama going to be end. Will there be happy ending? :)

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