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Feb 16, 2014


Having the most fabulous day out with my colleuges at Seremban 2 yesterday

When i got to the restaurant, i was like.. are you sure theyre serving halal food?.. the restaurant really looks so much like a typical chinese restaurant i always seen... let alone the carlsberg boxes inside the restaurant. i felt doubt inside, but since my coleugue said it is halal so i just tawakal aje lah. =,=

To be honest, I dont really fancy any steamboat kind of food before. One of the reason is because we have too cook the food first before we could eat them which i found it soooo leceh. In other word, i am malas lah.. hiks
Unless u have it with your friend who is rajin, then it would be perfectly okey.. hihi

In my case, luckily i have my brighful friend's dayana with me. She grilled corn, lamb an chicken for me. Yeahhh, i was eating happily yesterday

I really love my team!

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