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Feb 9, 2014

Jom kurus

Sekarang ni i tengah gila nak tengok reality series called i used to be fat
Best sangat.. sangat memberi sumber inspirasi untuk i kuruskan badan bam bam i ni
Cume all the contestants are still young
Not a kakak2 like me
They just finish their high school and decide to change their appearance before they get into college

I think i can relates their situation with my situation
They going to college and im going to new workplace
So same thing right??
Same goes with my case, i want to look good in my new workplace
So thats it

Definitely , if ive got the job lah.. :)
So kite ready awal2 even tak tahu lagi

Besides this series, i suka jugak tengok Extreme Makeover
This series lagi dasyat
The period given to trainees to lose their weight much longer from I Used to be Fat
1 year kot.. so confirm kurus lah
Dalam IUTBF about 2 to 3 month je
And its only on their summer holiday je
So by the time they get into college, they already lose about 60 pounds from the original weight
Thats alot

Ok... jom kuruskan badab

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