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Feb 9, 2014


Again, still about me and my journey looking for new job
Boring is'nt it??
What to do... this is the only things that linger in my head and things that i want to blog about for now

A few past days, i was busy thinking on how im going to go through my days in Hsbc as my manager already know about my application at other company.
Will he treat me like normally he did?
Or is he going to hate?
Or may be by all of sudden he being nice to me in the team.. hehe.. berangan!
I dont know... so far so good.
He never ask me anything about this.

Actually we are not really close
I hardly talk to him even about work matter
So it might be awkward if by of sudden he being 'nice' to me
So utterly weirds!!
Even the fact that he add me in facebook made me felt awkward enough
Nothing to hide, therefore i just approved his request
I know, I have to be extra careful with my activity in facebook after this

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