"You don't make Lemonade. You use the seeds to plant a whole orchard"

Oct 28, 2010

currently mode : happy (",)

td kan ade sorang lg employer call i utk offer kerje tau
ekceli for your information, i ad apply keje kt jobstreet
for the second time i was able to speak english to them..
seronok weyh!!
tp.... for sure la hancur gile kan..*malu pule tibe2

its okey syura.. slow2 ok

tibe2 i teringat satu kes ni ms i kat office(ms praktikal dulu2 la.. hee)..
sumpah i tension je bile teringat balik tau.. huhu
nnt after exam i cite ok..=)


p/s : luse ade paper strategic management.. Pray for me okey

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