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Oct 23, 2010

Bad Cough

i do not know why i was having a bad cough lately
it have been few days.. almost a week actually..
and it make me worry a lot..

i know i should not complained of such things
but my only worry is disturbing my roommates friend
ermmm... ='=
am i?

i am sorry my roommates..
hope u two boleh bertahan ngn batuk i ni
and study dgn tenang..

peace.. ngee=)

may be esok kalau xsihat gak i nak beli dequadin la *betul ke ntah aku eja ni huhu
nak beli yg paling power
mahal pon mahal la..huhu
malu plk nak batuk2 dlm dewan exam luse nnti.. huhu..

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