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Feb 10, 2016

Almost late to work

Currently waiting for the bus to work
The bus should come at 16:30
But guess what the time nowww?
Its already 16:45.. Pfttt..

Marah ni!

Call helpline, bas breakdown they said
They had sent new bus to replace
But still lambat lahhh kann
I need to wait about 15 minutes more
Nasib baik tak panas sangat tapi peluh jugak lahh

Okay the bus has arrived..

Now i'm on my way
And budak driver tu driving laju tahap gila..

So.. Kecut peruttt...
Mengucap sepanjang jalan.

Arrived at Cyberjaya for only 20 minutes.. Haha

Thanks adik driver!
At least hakak selamat sampai opis walaupon kau bawak kereta macam nak bunuh orang. Haha.

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